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Our online submission form allows you to submit your offer directly to the AMP Capital managed shopping centre websites where you have a store. Upload your offer, receive direct feedback via email and your offer will be live once approved by the National Marketing Support team; a quick and easy to way to promote your business, to hundreds of thousands of shoppers, who visit our websites every week.

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Create your Offer

Use these tips and tricks when uploading your offer

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Prepare in Advance
You can submit offers in advance from the publish date, as they will remain as ‘scheduled’ and hidden from the website until your selected live date. Once approved, your offer will be published on the date that is selected on the form. The offer will automatically unpublish from our websites once the offer expires.


Understand the Process

Step 1. Select your store from the dropdown

Step 2. The form will automatically select 'All shopping centres where your store is featured'. This option means your offer will be uploaded to the AMP Capital managed centres where you have a store.

Note: If you select this option, the confirmation email you will receive after you submit the form will list the name each shopping centre for reference.

If the offer is only valid at select stores, click the red 'x' to remove the 'All option' and manually select the shopping centres from the dropdown option. You can select multiple shopping centres if required.

Step 3. Complete your contact details

Step 4. Complete offer details, including offer title, a short description and all relevant terms and conditions

Step 5. Select the offer start and end date. If your offer is currently running, please select the start date to be the next business day from the current day. Offers must be submitted at least one business day ahead of time.

Step 6. Select the publish date – this is the date the offer will appear live on our websites. The publish date must also start at least one business day ahead of time (your offer cannot be published on the same day). The offer will automatically disappear from the site once it has expired.

Approval process

Once you submit the form, the National Marketing Support team will be notified and you will receive an email confirming your submission.

If the offer is approved, it will automatically be published to the shopping centre websites that your store is featured in and you will receive an email to confirm when the offer is live. If the offer is declined, you will receive a notification email with feedback on how to edit the offer and submit it again.

Reasons your offer can be declined

  1. There is no clear discount or added value for the customer
  2. The offer is in relation to a new product or collection (eg. The launch of a new collection is not an offer unless there is a discount or gift with purchase available to coincide for the launch)
  3. The copy is too long and doesn’t clearly communicate value for the customer

Tips and Tricks

  • Use numbers (percentage discount or dollar value)
  • Keep it concise and avoid long and wordy sentences
  • Be mindful of the number of characters - if the title of your offer has more than 37 charactes, it won't be displayed in the title (it will only be visible once the user clicks in the offer to view details)


Regular Shake
and any 2
Donuts $11.95


07 Mar - 28 Mar 2019


The very delicious
restaurant near home

Any made to order
wrap & regu...


24 Feb - 05 Apr 2019

Why are numbers important?

Did you know you can double the number of clicks on your offer by using a number that indicates the discount value in the offer title?* Using numbers naturally draws the attention of people. Our brains are attracted to numbers because they automatically organize information into a logical order.

*Tested on, 2019


30%-50% OFF


15 Mar - 30 Apr 2019


The very nice dress shop
and friends

All dresses
half price


24 Feb - 05 Apr 2019

Respect the Maximum Number of Characters

It is important to think that if your title has more than 37 characters it won’t be displayed complete in the tile. However the title will be visible and complete once click in the offer.

Pro Tip

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Use Autofill on your web browser

Setting your browser to autofill the offers form can save you from having to complete the same details (such as name, phone number and email) each time you submit an offer. Autofill can be turned on via the settings in your web browser. Be sure to confirm all details are correct, each time you submit an offer to avoid any possible delays.